Unbreakabull Bullies

"We fight so they don't have to"

If you are interested in fostering please send your name and a little about yourself including what current pets you have and your location to safety4paws@hotmail.com

Why foster?

There is an overabundance of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs in America's shelters today. In some places these dogs make up up to 70% of the shelters populations. Unfortunately until people stop over breeding these dogs the problem will persist. Every dog that is fostered through Unbreakabull Bullies opens up a cage in a shelter for another animal or prevents a cage from being taken up in a shelter which means saving lives. We cannot do this work without your help. We desperately need foster homes! Unbreakabull Bullies provides food when needed, a kennel if needed and we cover all of the veterinary expenses for the stay of the dog. We just need you to open your home and show the dog love which it may have never had before. The dogs unconditional love is the reward for fostering, that and knowing you just saved a life.