Unbreakabull Bullies

"We fight so they don't have to"

Help us help them!

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To donate to our regular veterinary expenses which run in excess of 1,000.00 a month use the paypal link or call Story County Veterinary Clinic directly! 515-232-8766 Thank you Dr Houlding and LeAnn Hazen!

Kaira and Rock were seized during a dogfighting raid in Tennessee. Shortly after they were brough to Unbreakabull Bullies in Iowa where they would seek refuge from the horrific lives they had lead up until this time. They arrived covered in wounds and scabs with puncture holes covering their bodies. Kaira has a big piece of her jaw missing and Rock had his testicles almost bitten off and has nasty scars all over his back legs. Both have them on their ears and heads and faces. At this time Rock is shut down, he will not wag his tail or move his ears and he doesn't like to hold his head up. Kaira is bouncing back a lot faster, she will already leap into your arms for love and hugs! Rock will be okay once he learns what love is all about. He had to be tazed when they were seized and we think that was traumatic for him and was most likley unnecessary since he is only 43lbs.  Both of these dogs are expected to make full recoveries and be normal happy dogs......in time. After a trip to the vet today it was discovered that both Kaira and Rock are heartworm positive and were loaded with more parasites than I knew were possible. We are looking at 1,000.00 when everything is said and done. Are these two worth that? Can they be rehabilitated? Absolutely! They are more then deserving of a second chance. They were forced into the lives they led, they never had a chance at a normal life. Well, now they do and we intend to make sure they get it. Please consider donating to Kaira and Rock's care. They have spent the past 3 and 4 years in a living  hell on earth. It is now their turn to shine and shine they will! These 2 will be a shining example of why every dog deserves a second chance!

Both Kaira and Rock will be available after their heartworm treatments are completed. They are both already spayed and neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They are both dog friendly but just as a precaution they will only be placed with dogs their size and in homes with no cats. To follow their story go to www.unbreakabullbullies.com. To fill out an adoption application for either one of these great dogs go to www.unbreakabullbullies.com.

All funds will go directly to the care of these 2 dogs and only these 2 dogs. Receipts will be posted and can also be seen upon request. 

Please help us show these 2 there is more to life than they ever dreamed! Help us help them! Click here to edit text