Unbreakabull Bullies

"We fight so they don't have to"

Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue OPERATES AND RELIES 100% ON DONATIONS

What does that mean? It means that we operate entirely on charitable contributions. From the food the dogs eat, to the toys we use for play and rehabilitation, to the veterinary care we provide for the dogs, we rely on the generosity of our incredible supporters. Because of the nature of the animals we rescue – the severely malnourished, neglected and abused – many times they require very high level and expensive care.  But our commitment to saving the dogs that no one else will  means that we must also continuously look to our supporters for help.

Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue is a 501c3 non profit and all donations are tax-deductible. 

To donate to our regular veterinary expenses which run in excess of 1,000.00 a month use the paypal link or call Story County Veterinary Clinic directly! 515-232-8766 Thank you Dr Houlding and LeAnn Hazen!

We are always in need of toys, bedding, cleaning supplies, food, etc. By donating these items, it allows us to use the money we receive in other ways.  

  • Flea and tick preventatives for dogs 45-88 pounds
  • Soft/moist dog treats
  • Durable toys for large dogs (no rawhides please)
  • Disinfectant cleaning spray and wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Large plastic storage containers with lids
  • Bedding - new or used (but clean) blankets, sheets, comforters, large towels. 
  • 6 foot leashes 
  • Collars of all sizes
  • Dog houses, we provide dog houses and bedding to dogs in need here in Iowa throughout the winter months. (All UB dogs are inside house dogs and are kept as such)
  • Bedding for dog houses
  • Dog and puppy food
  • KONGS!
  • Kennels of all sizes
  • For drop off location please email safety4paws@hotmail.com

Creative ways you can help! 


Want to get your organization involved to help Unbreakabull Bullies? Hold a donation drive! Simply use the donation list above to create flyers asking for donations!

This is is a great activity for scout groups, youth groups, classrooms, work teams, etc.


Does your child have too many toys already? Start teaching your child about giving back by asking birthday party guests to bring supplies for Unbreakabull Bullies in lieu of gifts. Then you can schedule a time to bring your child to the rescue to drop off the donations and meet one of the dogs that they are helping!


Donating to Unbreakabull Bullies in lieu of giving wedding favors or asking guests to donate to Unbreakabull Bullies in lieu of gifts for the newlyweds are  great ways for Brides and Grooms to make a difference on their wedding day! 


Get your boss to approve a dress down day and everyone who donates $5 to Unbreakabull Bullies gets to dress down on a planned day.


Remember the animal lover in your life with a gift to Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue or ask for memorial contributions to be sent to Unbreakabull Bullies Rescue.