Unbreakabull Bullies

"We fight so they don't have to"

Unbreakabull Bullies is a licensed 501c3 non profit all breed dog rescue and rehabilitation service that specializes in safe and responsible placement of all bully breeds. We believe every dog deserves a second chance and we are here to provide that for them. Most of our dogs end up in rescue by no fault of their own. The thinking that rescue dogs are all damaged or broken we hope to make a thing of the past. 

We will be there for them when no one else is, we will be the voice of the voiceless and defend their right to live as Pit Bulls.

Tina Petraline

Executive Director

Tina has been in rescue and working with animals hands on for 24 years.

Crystal Rodriguez Burrells-Board Member/Animal Behaviorist/ Trainer/Foster Crystal has been working with animals for 10+ years and graduated from ISU in 2012.