Unbreakabull Bullies

"We fight so they don't have to"

             Adoption Process!                       Want to Join us?

The first thing you need to do is go to the adoption application tab here, and begin the app. Once it has been successfully completed and submitted someone will get back to you within 48-72 hours. Please don't leave anything blank! In order for us to process your application we need an answer to EVERY question! If your application is approved we then do a home visit followed by a meet and greet with the dog or dogs you are interested in. If all of the previously mentioned goes well we will then finalize your adoption!

        Rehabilitation Services

At Unbreakabull Bullies we feel every dog deserves a second chance at happy and healthy life which means emotionally healthy as well. We have seen dogs with issues of all kinds. Retired fighting dogs, bait dogs, cases of abuse and neglect of the worst kind. We have a select few foster homes that are experienced and educated on behavioral issues. These foster homes can take a while to get a dog into so if you are considering asking for help with a dog please don't wait. See the contact us tab and get put on the waiting list right away! 

Tennessee dog fighting bust

On February 21st 2017 I saw a plea for help on facebook. In Brownsville Tennessee there had been a dog fighting bust that left a group of Pit Bulls homeless and looking at euthanasia. Unbreakabull Bullies offered to take some of them and in just a few days Kaira, Rocksteady and 

B-Bop arrived. Ruma will be arriving in just a few more days. All 4 of these dogs are covered in scars (with the exception of B-Bop, he only has a few) but even more than the poor condition they are in we noticed they were extremely sweet, loving and very thankful to be out of the situation they were in. These 4 dogs have a long road in front of them but we have no reason to believe these guys won't make loving and amazing pets! These guys are fantastic dogs! They deserve a second chance at a normal life just as much as the next dog and Unbreakabull Bullies is here to make sure they get it!

If you are interested in joining the Unbreakabull Bullies Pack we are always looking for Foster Homes! They play a huge role in this rescue, without you guys there would be no UB! If you are interested in temporarily housing one of our dogs go to the foster tab and leave us your information!  All medical costs are covered by UB while the dog is in your home. We just need you to provide shelter and lots of love!

                 Adoption fees


Adults 1-8 $150.00




For our low adoption fee you will get a pet that is  spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.